Best Security Plugins for WordPress - Top 3[2022]

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Best Security Plugins for WordPress - Top 3[2022]

07/07/2022 5:53 PM by WP Security in Wordpress

Are you keeping your WordPress site secure?WordPress security is now an important investment for WordPress website owners to keep their businesses secure and avoid losses. In this post, has compiled the five best security plugins for WordPress in 2022.

Why get a WordPress security plugin?

According to a report by WordFence, 2800 WordPress attacks per second occurred in 2020. This statistic alone should worry you if you are not investing in keeping your website secure. In the event of an attack on your WordPress website, you will lose your credibility on the internet and your reputation will be damaged especially if you owned a big store online.

You will also face huge costs in removing the malware(if any) on your site or paying the attackers in order to get your site back online. It's a nightmare you do not want to face.

This is where your WordPress security is important. Your WordPress hosting alone cannot guarantee security, so you need to invest in a WordPress security plugin to give your site full protection.

Here are the 3 best security plugins for WordPress

  1. Sucuri Security plugin-Best Overall WordPress Security plugin.
  2. WPScan WordPress Security Scanner plugin - Best to scan for and block malware and viruses.
  3. Jetpack- Best WordPress Spam bot protection.

Sucuri Security plugin

Sucuri WordPress security plugin


  • Security activity auditing(free)-Sucuri offers security auditing for your website. The plugin basically monitors all the changes happening in your WordPress install including log-ins, post changes, file uploads etc. Sucuri logs all these activities in the Sucuri cloud and keeps them safe in the Sucuri Security Operations Centre(SOC) inaccessible to an attacker. This feature is useful for website administrators looking to monitor what's happening on their website.

  • File integrity monitoring(free)- File integrity monitoring is where Sucuri uses a feature used by Intrusion Detection Systems(IDS) to compare the known good and the current state. This means that when you install Sucuri, the plugin will create a known good of the directories at the root install including theme files, plugins and core files. The plugin will now alert you when the known good is different from the current state of your files.

  • Remote malware scanning(free)- Sucuri scans your website for malware using its malware scanner called Sitecheck and alerts you if any malware is found.

  • Blocklist monitoring(free)- Sucuri checks various blocklist engines to see if your site has been negatively flagged by these engines. The blocklist engines include Google Safe Browsing, Bitdefender and SpamHaus.

  • Effective security hardening(free)- Sucuri does effective security hardening by adding several security hardening variations.

  • Post-hack security actions(free)- Despite all the security practices you have implemented, your site could still get hacked. In this event, Sucuri offers a section with three key steps to undertake once your WordPress site has been compromised.

  • Security notifications(free)- Security notifications are the most important as you will need to know when a security breach occurs. Sucuri offers notifications for various security alerts and you have an option to choose how noisy or quiet the notifications will be.

  • Website firewall (premium)- Sucuri firewall is a premium feature that offers protection from various attacks on your site including brute force attacks, DOS/DDoS attacks and exploitation of software vulnerabilities.

  • Sucuri Plugin Price- Sucuri is free but has a premium version that costs $199.99 per year.


2. WPScan WordPress Security Scanner

wpscan wordpress vulnerability scanner


  • WPScan WordPress Security Scanner has a free plan API that enables website users to scan their sites for free. The API requests are however limited to 25 per day for free plan users.
  • WPScan does security scans to check for debug.log files,wp-config.php files, code repository files, weak passwords, check if XML-RPC is enabled etc.
  • WPScan scans for known WordPress vulnerabilities, plugin vulnerabilities and theme vulnerabilities.
  • The plugin displays the total number of vulnerabilities found in the admin toolbar.
  • WPScan will send an email notification to you when security vulnerabilities are found.

3. Jetpack

Jetpack security wordpress plugin


  • Downtime monitoring(free): Jetpack will monitor your site and alert you when it's down.
  • Secure authentication(free): Jetpack will ensure that you can log in securely to your website including using your credentials to log in to your self-hosted site.
  • Brute force attack protection(free): Jetpack protects you from traditional and distributed brute force attacks automatically.
  • Automatic plugin updates(free).
  • Activity log(free/paid): Jetpack offers a completed log of your site's activity i.e everything that happens.
  • Jetpack Backup(paid): This paid feature offers real-time backups and one-click restore so you do not lose your content.
  • Jetpack Anti-spam(paid): Ensures your site is blocked from spam and bot comments on your forms.
  • Jetpack Scan(paid): This is an automated scan by Jetpack which also includes one-click fixes to keep your site protected.

That is our top 3 list of best security plugins for WordPress.There are other great security plugins too including Wordfence and Malcare. This article by Wpforms has listed other WordPress security plugins you can check out too.

What is the best Security plugin for WordPress?

The best WordPress security plugin according to us is Sucuri as it offers great features. The premium security features are a great investment for any serious about protecting their site from any losses in future.

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