How to find Broken Links on your site using a Broken Links Finder in 2022

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How to find Broken Links on your site using a Broken Links Finder in 2022

03/22/2022 4:23 PM by Links in Links

You have all the important information on your website but you don't know how to find broken links? If so, you are in good company. We have a broken links finder tool that can help you with that. GT SEO has compiled simple steps on how to find broken links on your site using our broken links finder tool. You will also get tips on how you can find broken links using Google Search Console.

You will find your site has a lot of broken links, which can seriously damage your site's traffic and revenue. In order to protect your site from losing traffic and money from broken links, you need to find broken links quickly and have a good process for fixing them.

What is it?

A guide on how to find broken links on your website using the broken links finder tool from, Google search console and Google Analytics.

What is a Broken Link?

A broken link is a link that is published on your site and does not work due to the following issues:

  • The linked webpage has been removed.
  • The linked webpage has changed its address to another address.
  • The URL of the link has been mistyped.

The broken links result in 404 errors on the Google Search console.

What is a 404 error?

A 404 error on a website is one that indicates that the webpage you are trying to access is not available. This is because the webpage might have been deleted or you mistyped the URL. It's in fact the same reasons as the ones that cause broken links above.

Now that you know what a broken link is and how it relates to a 404 error, let's show you how you can find the broken links on your website right now.

How to find broken links using broken links finder tool from GT SEO Tools

  • Go to our broken links finder here.
  • Enter the URL of your website in the space provided.
  • Click Submit to run the tool.
  • The tool will display both your internal and external links.
  • For each link you will get a "status code" and whether the link is ok or not.

How to find broken links(404 errors) using Google Search Console

  • Login to your Google Search Console account. If you do not have one, create a new account here.
  • Select the website you want to monitor.
  • Go to Coverage then click Excluded.
  • Check for any 404 errors.

Now that you have found the errors you can correct them and ask Google to recrawl your site. Remember that these 404 errors are not necessarily all the broken links that are on your site. The errors listed by the Google Search console are mostly for pages on your site that do not exist. To check for outbound broken links, use our broken links finder tool.