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What is a Moz Rank?

Moz Rank is a metric designed by Moz's website to check the number of high quality and low quality backlinks to a site.The more the high quality backlinks when compared to low quality backlinks, the higher the Moz score.

What is a Moz Rank checker free tool?

A Moz Rank checker is a free tool to check the Moz Rank of a website based on the number of links to it.Once again, the more the good links as compared to the bad links the higher the Moz rank score.

What is a good Moz Rank score?

A Moz Rank score is measured on a scale of 0-10.A good Moz Rank score for your website should be anything between 5 and 10.Your site's  Moz rank score can reduce from a higher number to a lower one if low quality links have exceeded the high quality ones.

How do I use a Moz Rank checker tool?

A Moz Rank checker tool is easy to use.This Moz Rank checker by GTSEOtools is a free tool and can check the Mozrank of any website's domain. The Moz Rank checker free tool uses a special Moz Rank API key to get the data for you. The most special thing about our Moz Rank checker free tool is that it not only gives you the Moz Rank of your site but also gives the Moz Domain Authority(DA) and Page Authority(PA) of the domain.

How to use  this Moz Rank Checker free tool

  • Enter the URL of the website you want to check the Mozrank score.
  • Click "Submit" to get the Mozrank details.

The results are displayed in the format below:

  • Domain name
  • Moz Rank
  • Domain authority(DA)
  • Page authority(PA)

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