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Check www redirection with our www Redirect Checker tool from GTSEOTools.com. Enter a URL, and our tool will determine if the website redirects from non-www to www or vice versa, providing insights into URL canonicalization and redirection settings.

Why use a www Redirect Checker? URL canonicalization is crucial for maintaining consistent URL formats and avoiding duplicate content issues. Checking www redirection helps you ensure that visitors land on the preferred version of your website (www or non-www), improving user experience and SEO.

Using our www Redirect Checker is simple. Enter the URL you want to check for www redirection, and our tool will analyze the redirection status from non-www to www or www to non-www. You'll receive a report indicating the redirection type and status code, helping you optimize URL structure and avoid SEO pitfalls.

Whether you're managing website URLs, implementing SEO best practices, or troubleshooting redirection issues, our www Redirect Checker tool offers valuable insights to enhance website performance and user navigation.