Adsense Revenue Calculator

About Adsense Revenue Calculator

This simple Adsense Calculator from GT SEO Tools is an essential free tool to help you calculate the Google Adsense revenue you should expect to make on your Adsense account.

This free Google AdSense calculator can help you estimate how much money you can earn through Adsense. This AdSense profit calculator will also show you how many clicks you can expect to get daily and monthly.

You can get on with your life without worrying about your Adsense revenue. This free tool will show you your expected Adsense earnings for the next year.

How do you use this Adsense Revenue Calculator?

  1. Enter the daily number of page impressions(page views) your site gets.
  2. Enter your page's Click-through-Rate(CTR).
  3. Enter the Cost-per-Click(CPC) in USD of the keywords you rank for.
  4. Click "Calculate Earning".

That's it, you now know how much Google Adsense will pay you per certain number of page views your site gets e.g per 1000 pageviews.

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