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About Plagiarism Checker

Want to check plagiarism with percentage for content that is 15,000 words for free? If yes, you are in the right place, this free plagiarism checker UK will do just that. It is the best free plagiarism checker in the UK and the world.

What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism is copying content published by someone else and presenting it as your own without attributing that work to the original owner. An example is someone copying the content written on the blog section of GT SEO tools and publishing it on their website as it is.

What is a Plagiarism Checker?

A Plagiarism checker is a tool that checks your content for plagiarism i.e checks if has been published elsewhere. There are several plagiarism checker tools online that are either free or paid. An example of a popular plagiarism checker tool is the one by Grammarly and Small SEO Tools, which have free and paid versions. Another example is this free plagiarism checker UK from GT SEO Tools.

Which is the Best Free Plagiarism Checker?

The best free plagiarism checker in 2022 so far is the Plagiarism Checker from GT SEO Tools. This tool uses a special Plagiarism detector API to scan your content for plagiarism. Students, writers, journalists, bloggers, and more use this free plagiarism checker to check their sources for plagiarism. This plagiarism checker is an effective and efficient tool for instantly detecting plagiarism in any text. It is the best free online plagiarism checker and plagiarism detection tool. This plagiarism checker uses percentages to grade your content and checks a maximum of 15,000 words at a go.

Which is the best free Plagiarism Checker in the UK?

The best free plagiarism checker in the UK as of July  2022 is this plagiarism detector from GT SEO alongside and is also widely used by UK students, writers, and bloggers etc to check their content for plagiarism. Aside from being the best plagiarism checker in the UK, it is also the best free plagiarism checker in 2022 for all countries as mentioned above.

How does this plagiarism detector do its job?

This plagiarism checker detects plagiarism by comparing the content of the submitted text against a database of more than 20 million unique sources and then gives you the results in percentage.

What is a good Plagiarism score?

A good plagiarism score is 25% and below in text similarity. It would be best if you aimed for a maximum of 15% in text similarity. In terms of our tool, your plagiarism score should a minimum of 80% unique content.

How do I use this Plagiarism detector tool?

Our Plagiarism checker tool is easy to use. Use the following steps:

  • In the space provided, copy and paste your content.
  • Click "Check Plagiarism" to get the plagiarism score.
  • The tool will check your content in strings with each string having its uniqueness next to it.
  • The tool will take some time depending on the size of your content.

This Plagiarism checker goes hand in hand with our free article spinner(rewriter) tool. You can rewrite your article and paste it here for a plagiarism check.

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