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About Domain Authority Checker

What is it?

Domain authority checker by GT SEO Tools.Domain authority checker?Domain authority checker Moz?Domain authority checker free?Best domain authority checker?Moz domain authority checker,how to check authority of domain.All these terms refer to one thing which we'll discuss below.Using this website domain authority checker, you can perform a domain authority lookup for any domain available on the World Wide Web today.

What is domain authority and why is it important?

Domain authority is a metric designed by Moz that determines the search engine ranking of a website. The domain authority ranges from 0-100 and the higher the domain authority of a site, the higher the rankings. For more about what domain authority is check out this article by Moz.This metric is also referred to as Moz domain authority since its from Moz.

What is a domain authority checker tool?

A domain authority checker is a tool used to check authority of a website on search engines like Google. The tool outputs a number between 0 and 100. A site with higher domain authority will have high priority and new pages will rank faster as compared to one with lower domain authority.

What is a good domain authority?

Here is an overview of domain authority ranges and where you should aim your website to lie:

  • Low domain authority(DA): Between 0 and 40
  • Average domain authority(DA): Between 40 and 50
  • Good domain authority(DA): Between 50 and 60
  • Excellent domain authority(DA): 60 and above.

How do I check domain authority for free?

You can check the domain authority of your website for free using our free domain authority score checker tool by following the easy steps below:

  • Enter the domain name of your site in the space provided. - You can enter up to 20 domains each on a separate line.
  • Click "Submit".
  • The output will be a table showing each domain you input with its corresponding Moz domain authority(DA). This tool goes hand-in-hand with our Bulk Page Authority checker tool.

How can I increase my domain authority?

You can increase your site's domain authority by following these simple steps:

  • Get high-quality backlinks from sites with higher domain authority.
  • Write high-quality content that will keep users on your site and engage them.
  • Check your site for bad links(spam links) that google penalises.
  • Improve your site's user experience(good theme and navigation).

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