How to Check Keyword Search Rank for free using Google Keyword Position Checker

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How to Check Keyword Search Rank for free using Google Keyword Position Checker

04/13/2022 12:00 AM by Admin in Keywords

Want to check a keyword search rank for free online?If Yes, we'll show you how you can check a keyword position on Google using the free Google Keyword Position Checker tool from GT SEO Tools.

What is a Keyword Position?

A keyword position is a ranking of your site on search engines such as Google and Yahoo for a specific keyword.The other name of a keyword position is a keyword search rank.An example of a keyword's search rank is the one below:

What is a Keyword in SEO?

A keyword in SEO is a search term or phrase that people enter on search engines when searching for a particular topic.In this regard, keywords are also called "search queries".For more on Keyword in SEO checkout this article.

Your site's Google keyword position will now be the ranking on Google for search queries entered by users on Google.The first page of the Google results contains 10 positions.As a website owner you should aim always aim for the top 10 results on Google to be able to get any traffic as users hardly go into the second page of the Google results.

What is a Keyword Position Checker?

A keyword position checker is a tool used to check a website's keyword search rank position on Google and other search engines for a certain keyword(keyphrase).An example of a keyword position checker is the Google keyword position checker free tool from

How to check a Keyword's Search rank using the Keyword Position checker from GT SEO Tools

Here is a list of steps on how to check a keyword's position using this free tool:

  • Step1: Go to the Keyword Position Checker tool here.
  • Step2: Enter your domain name.
  • Step3: Enter the keywords you want to check each in a separate line
  • Step4: Choose upto what positions to check.You can choose a minimum of top 50 positions and a maximum of top 500 positions.
  • Step5: Click Submit and the tool will start checking the keyword positions for you.